Power Corrupts v 0.03.1 Public Release

What's new:

  • New power: Telepathy
  • New skill system and a character menu to go along with it
  • Custom dialog boxes for speech, thought, telepathy, shouting, and narration, all in a comic book style
  • revamped daily timekeeping; you can now do multiple things after work.
  • New origin, rewritten entirely.
  • Training options.

Now, a few notes about the new skill system. Skills are improved through use, whether you succeed or fail... and until your skill levels are high enough, expect to fail quite a bit. But that's okay! Failure isn't game over, just a different direction for the story to take.

However, as there's not much new content, there aren't many opportunities to actually use skills yet. So, temporarily, it takes a lot less effort to improve skills. A few attempts will improve your skills. Expect that to change in later editions.

Likewise, Telepathy is far less powerful than super strength or speed at lower levels. As more content is added you'll begin to see its full potential... until then, it may seem underwhelming. Telepath players will need to play smart to succeed before they've mastered the powers of their minds.

v. 0.04 implements a less grindy form of skill advancement, and will be available immediately to all supporters of Double Prolix's patreon within the next 24 hours: http://www.patreon.com/doubleprolix


PowerCorrupts0.03.1-mac.zip 57 MB
Feb 01, 2018
PowerCorrupts0.03.1-pc.zip 72 MB
Feb 01, 2018

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