Official launch of 0.01

Until now this project was just a placeholder for people who wanted a link to what I was working on while I got version 0.01 in a reasonable shape for an actual release; now we're good to go. The "new" 0.01 build has twice as much content, though that's still pretty light, considering. Still, I think I've planted some good seeds here to give players a sense of the direction in which the story is going to flow.

Now I get to work on v. 0.02, introducing new power sets, origin options, careers, genders, and sexual orientation options. How long will it take?


I'm working full time and the holidays are upon us, so my current projection for the basics needed are "before the end of the year I hope." But I've launched a patreon so with enough funding I can spend less time freelancing and more time working on the game. Give me tons of cash and I'll blow off familial obligations to work through the holidays.

It's cool, I absolutely don't mind.

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Nov 03, 2017

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