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In Power Corrupts you play a newly manifested superhuman in a morally gray world where what you can take is limited only by your grasp, as long as you can take the consequences. 

Ultimately the player's path is their own, hero or villain, famous or infamous, in the dark place where power, authority, and sexuality intersect.

Power Corrupts is not a linear story, but rather a sandbox in which the player can discover many plot hooks, some obvious, some hidden, and some which need to be unlocked. These plot hooks lead from the career sim to visual novel sequences whose consequences develop your character, improve or degrade relationships, and may help or harm your reputation.

The resulting structure is more like a web or a cloud than a tree or straight line. Some stories require other stories to have been played first, and others can be encountered in any order in any given playthrough.

Current Version: 0.01.3 Exclusive Ashcan Edition

  • Career sim elements, few narrative visual novel sequences, limited sound and music. Most of my time was spent on the framework, but you can get an idea of the game's structure.
  • Placeholder art
  • Various bugfixes

Power Corrupts is in a state of development. If you like what you see so far, you can support its development over on Patreon. Patreon builds will generally be an iteration further along than the public build available here.


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