First Public Dev Build

People have been asking me for a page about Power Corrupts, but I'm not quite ready to launch the Patreon yet - I want to add a bit more content for backer builds first. So instead, I've set up this page for the game to host the public dev build to let people get a taste of what I'm going for.

The backer-only build will be available exclusively to patrons, and be one iteration ahead of the public build. I'll post a link to the patreon page when it goes live in early-mid November.

Power Corrupts v 0.01: Exclusive Ashcan Edition features:

  • 1 origin scene, 2 patrol scenes, 1 working overtime scene
  • placeholder art made by digitally altering stock photos to look more comic bookish
  • 1 power (super human strength), 1 origin option, 1 gender (male)
  • minimal music and sound effects

Files 34 MB
Oct 31, 2017 49 MB
Oct 31, 2017

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